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Here is the Class of 2020 Extended Essay Calendar

For steps on developing your Extended Essay, click here:

Extended Essay Description

  • An important description of the Extended Essay, whats its comprised of, the effort it requires, and its importance to your IB scores. download
  • Extended Essay Guide and Rubric

Use this guide and rubric from the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) when planning and composing your Extended Essay. This includes all IB subjects, however you may only choose subject from the official DCHS IB approved list.
Style guides:

Also recommended:

  • The Elements of Style by Strunk, White and Angell (4th Ed.) ISBN 0205313426. This is a handy reference book that can be used through high school and college. Originally written by an English professor at Cornell, it give helpful, concise information on writing for different purposes, grammar, and general writing style.
  • A list of extended essay topics used by students in previous years. May be useful in determining your own topic. download
  • These are samples of “exemplar” extended essays. They were published by the IB Association of Rocky Mountain Schools (IB ARMS), September, 2004. Click Here

Extended Essay Summer Workshop

This is an outstanding opportunity to get a great start to your Extended Essay. Check the web site for details and schedules.

Click on the subjects to view reports on common mistakes made by past students. Its highly recommend you read these for at least your chosen subject group.