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Colorado State Colleges

In 2003, the Colorado legislature passed a measure guaranteeing a minimum of 24 semester hours of credit for all IB Diploma graduates who elect to attend a state college or university in Colorado and do not have a score of less than 4 on an IB exam. The schools in Colorado want to keep the IB students in the state because they are top-quality candidates. This is a huge incentive for attending college in state. (Note that this law excludes CO School of Mines.)

College Recognition of IB

Read¬†¬† “Which Colleges Offer Credit For IB Students?”
— IB Matters, Sept ’05. (click on title to read)

Financial Recognition for IB

SMU (Southern Methodist University) IB Diploma Scholars Scholarship: Varying from $4,000 to $12,000 per academic year according to the IB score received (score 30-34 $4,000; score 35-39 $8,000; score 40 and above $12,000). Renewable annually. http://www.smu.edu/admission/financial_scholarships.asp


Articles by Diane Schaefer, private Educational Planner
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“Advice on College Visits”
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Other Financial and Admissions information:

IPBO College Finances Handout
IBPO College Admissions Handout (6MB pdf)


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