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Seriously Rewarding Volunteer Opportunity


The IBPO board members have an annual task of replacing board members since being a board member usually means that member has a student enrolled at DCHS and is in the IB Diploma Programme or on the Pre-Diploma track. We have four board member positions opening this year as these parents have graduating students; President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Website Coordinator.


The President schedules the monthly IBPO Board meeting and helps to coordinate all of the events throughout the year. This person plays a pivotal role in coordinating with DCHS IB faculty and unifying the board direction. Should be able to attend the IBPO Board meeting once a month.

Vice President

The Vice President is responsible for registration, updating contact information, and collecting dues at the check-in table before school starts.  This person also helps coordinate all other events throughout the year helping making sure people are scheduled to help work the events.  Should be able to attend the IBPO Board meeting once a month.


The Treasurer takes care of all things financial with the IBPO, keeping track of expenses and income, and keeps the board up to date on financial status. Understanding of basic financial functions and the proper use of a spreadsheet are a must. Should be able to attend the IBPO Board meeting once a month.

Website Coordinator

The Website Coordinator handles the care and feeding of the huskieibpo.com WordPress web site and works with the technical coordinator on email communication with the parent members. Knowledge of HTML is ideal, and experience with WordPress is a plus though not required. Should be able to attend the IBPO Board meeting once a month.


This is a great opportunity to take an additional active role in your student’s advanced education. The work we do is a significant and essential help to the IB faculty at DCHS as and the IB Diploma students. If you think you have what it takes to join this outstanding team and would like to find out more information please reach out to us via this contact form.

Thank you for your interest in the IBPO!

Warm Regards,

Huskie IBPO Board