The Douglas County High School (DCHS) International Baccalaureate Parent Organization (IBPO) is delighted to sponsor the 2019-2020 Extended Essay Camp for all IB Junior students.

The Extended Essay (EE) is a requirement for IB students to obtain their diploma and the EE Camp is a great resource that guides the IB students achieve their highest score.This Academic Year, the EE Camp will be split into three sessions. It is very important that students attend each of these sessions as each one of the sessions addresses a different focus for the development of the Extended Essay. Missing a session puts the student in a situation where they do not understand the requirements and leads them to a subpar essay. There are no makeup sessions, so please plan accordingly. Students who work will be asked to take time off from their jobs to attend all of the sessions.

For more information and to register follow the link below:

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