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  "My IB experience has helped me significantly as it teaches you how to organize your time and really how to learn and think for yourself." - Gage Parrott, US 2nd Lt., Air Force, DCHS IB grad 2009  ******   "I know that my success in the college admissions process was largely due to the amazing education that the IB program gave me." - Angela Londono, Yale University graduate 2012, (also accepted at Stanford & Columbia) DCHS IB grad 2008  ******   "With my IB diploma, I brought to college almost a year of credit. I was able to take a couple of summer courses and finish two degrees in three years." - Sarah Johnson, Univ. of Denver graduate, 2009, DCHS IB grad 2006  ******   "I encounter other students, on a daily basis, who have never been pushed to think as deeply/intensely as IB pushed me to think." - Maggie Kakenmaster, Senior at Univ. of Notre Dame, DCHS IB grad 2009  ******  "The credit is nice to have but the value of IB is not in the future credit, but the quality and abundance of information learned." - Grant DeShazer, Sophomore, Colorado School of Mines, DCHS IB grad 2012  ******   "Mom, you just don't know how great it is to walk into a class and have EVERYONE prepared for the day!" - Chapman Family DCHS IB grad 2013  ******   "If you had told me two years ago that I would come to consider my IB experience and diploma to be one of the things which defines me, I’d have told you that you’re crazy. But it’s true. " - Dani Chelin, Senior, CU - Denver, DCHS IB grad 2009  ******   "Although being one of the most dreaded elements of IB, CAS gives IB students the great opportunity to aid their community and do their part in helping the world." - Mitch Whitus, DCHS IB grad 2010  ******  

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About Huskie International Baccalaureate Parent Organization @ Douglas County High School About Huskie IBPO

The Huskie International Baccalaureate Parent Organization is the parent support organization for the IBO chapter at Douglas County High School (DCHS) in Castle Rock, Colorado. It was formed by the parents of DCHS students who are in the IB program.

 What is the IB Diploma Programme? Visit the Intl'l Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) official website: http://www.IBO.org

For information about IB at DCHS click here to visit our IB Guidebook and other resources page. 

Happenings @ Huskie International Baccalaureate Parent Organization @ Douglas County High School What's Happening
Registration for the Junior 2016 Summer Extended Essay Workshop

Registration for the Junior 2016 Summer Extended Essay Workshop is now open!
The workshop is scheduled for Tuesday, May 31th - Friday, June 3, 2016 at the Auraria Library on the CU  Denver Campus.  The workshops are led  by  our  DCHS  essay  coordinators,  Mrs.  Clever and Mrs.  Yates,  with  support  from  additional  DCHS  teachers  as  subject matter experts as needed based on essay topics chosen.
Online registration
Register and pay online:  

Manual Registration
If you prefer, download registration form and mail in payment to the DCHS IBPO Office:
Auraria Library Registration
All students must download, fill out and return the library registration form to Mrs. Clever by Monday, May 16th . Library registration form:  
Registration deadline is:  Friday, May 13, 2016!
IBPO Sponsored Items for Sale - Check out the new IB mug!
IB mugs now available!  Display your IB pride with an IB car window cling!  Stay warm with an IB blanket!  To purchase any of these items, see Mrs. Hagan in the Room 31 or email: chair@huskieibpo.com.  All proceeds benefit the IB program at DCHS.   
  • Click here to see pictures and prices of items
  • Click here to see pictures of the IB Mugs
  • Click here to see pictures of the IB Water Bottle

    Several IB families have advised us that they are no longer receiving emails from IBPO. This happens when our domain name - huskieibpo.com - is added to a spam filter. It is important that you add *@huskieibpo.com to your anti-spam filter system's "white list."
    If your email is being sent to a corporate email (parents), please contact your company's IT department to ask them let the IBPO emails through the filter. After changing the filter, if you would like to have us send a test email to make sure the mail is now coming through, please email us at: ibpo@huskieibpo.com
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    IB Global Newsletter
    Issue 10, 2015
    Check out the IBA Good News Letter here!
    Every other month the IB Americas Recognition Team features universities that offer strong recognition policies and scholarships to IB students. In this edition UNC takes SL credit. You can also subscribe to the newsletter here.
    Watch IBTV! 
    Multicultural students in the United States talk about how the IB Diploma Programme is helping them invest in their futures.
    IB Program Overview
    Read about the IB program philosophy and what defines the IB program.  This comprehensive and easy-to-understand document describes the characteristics of the IB learner, the theory behind IB instruction and the different IB programs from primary school through high school.
    IB in NewsWeek May 28, 2007
    "A Global Test Gains Ground" by Pat Wingert

    BOOK: Supertest: How the International Baccalaureate Can Strengthen Our Schools by Jay Matthews and Ian Hill. Provides a history of the IB Programme development, along with the story of its implementation in a Virginia school district. Available on Amazon.com.

    IB Class of 2016

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